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Our Company

Based in Seattle and San Diego, Derive Design was founded in 2002. 0ur work includes commercial interior design for hospitality environments, multifamily housing, amenity spaces, sales centers, model units, and residential new construction, remodels and interiors.

We love to work in a variety of styles. Our scope of work is

tailored to each project -  from concept development through completion.

As a duo, we tag team every part of the creative process,

volley ideas and share responsibilities. This ensures we can

remain objective, see the big picture, and manage the budget and design process for maximum impact.

Our emotionally evocative interiors feature one of a kind

custom furnishings, artwork, and artisan finishes. We’re committed to providing inspired creative solutions and being a strong partner in the design process. 

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Our Values

Our philosophy is to be curious and bold, and our motivation comes from a desire to make a meaningful contribution to each project.  We love immersing into a concept, understanding function, then crafting an artistic vision that results in a unique sense of place. 

As designers we look at a space in its entirety and with attention to every detail. Our process involves an open-minded curiosity to explore options and solutions. We strive to gather the best ideas from the entire team throughout every phase of a project. 

We are committed, engaged, enthusiastic, professional, and we take on projects we believe in. We enjoy building new relationships and are proud to have worked with many of our clients for years. 

Our Designers



Kimberly is a multifarious creative who earned a degree in Interior Design from San Diego State University. Her background is in commercial marketing/sales environments, single-family home remodels, hospitality design and high-end residential staging. On the Derive team, Kimberly's emphasis is in space planning, construction administration and 3D modeling. Her biggest passion in life is international travel. Having been an expat in four countries and traveled for months (by bus with only a backpack) through ten others, she is a designer who is inquisitive with clients, audacious in concept and resourceful on projects. As a former resident of the Caribbean, when Hurricanes Irma & Maria hit the islands in 2017, she aspired to spread sustainable re-building practices. She founded a community project called VI Wise to introduce a roofing material made of 100% recycled plastics from the automotive industry. She took the lead on branding and product research as it relates to environmental conditions and affordability, ultimately raising funds for a woman’s shelter. 

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Christopher brings a unique and varied skill set to his work with over 25 years experience in interior design, high-end home staging, commercial design for multi-family housing, and investment property improvements, rebrands and remodels. His focus for many years was in residential interiors, but found himself increasingly drawn to more public spaces. Christopher has been involved in creating environments in some capacity for his entire life whether it be interior design, retail design, merchandising and display, or creating film sets. Christopher's passion is diving into a creative concept and mining it for possibilities and brainstorming for solutions.  His focus on the Derive Design team is in concept development, sourcing and client presentations. Christopher is also a visual artist showing regularly in the Seattle area. 

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